2024 Tony Award Season Highlights

This year's Tony Award nominations feature nearly 40 plays and musicals, with a flurry of openings in the final stretch before the eligibility window closed.

Unlike previous years dominated by singular hits, there's no clear frontrunner this time.

However, there's a notable increase in female directors, with almost half of the productions helmed by women or featuring female co-directors.

Among the offerings are adaptations of popular movies and books like "The Outsiders,"

"The Great Gatsby," and "Back to the Future," alongside original works such as "Suffs" and "Illinoise."

Notable overlaps include Huey Lewis & The News songs in both "The Heart of Rock and Roll" and "Back to the Future"

musicals, and Rachel McAdams competing against herself in "The Notebook" adaptation and "Mary Jane."

Milestones include "Here Lies Love," featuring Broadway's first all-Filipino