Singapore Government
Hit by Resignations Over Inappropriate Relationship

Singapore's government faced another setback as two lawmakers from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP)

resigned due to an admitted "inappropriate relationship" between them. The Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin,

resigned over his recent use of "unparliamentary language," while lawmaker Cheng Li Hui also stepped down

immediately as a member of parliament. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong accepted both resignations,

highlighting the seriousness of the inappropriate relationship and the need to uphold high standards of propriety.

Such resignations are rare in Singapore, where the PAP has held power since before the country's independence.

This incident follows a high-profile corruption probe involving a cabinet minister and a listed company head.

The government emphasizes the importance of integrity and discipline among its MPs to maintain public trust and uphold its cardinal values.