Markle's Missing $200,000 Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle's recent birthday lunch photo has caught attention due to her absence of the $200,000 engagement ring, sparking discussions among fans.

The Duchess of Sussex enjoyed a belated birthday meal with friends Kadi Lee and Cleo Wade in Los Angeles.

Shared by Kadi, a candid picture highlighted Meghan's joyful demeanor as she embraced her companions. Dressed in a casual black tank top, complemented by a delicate gold pendant necklace,

Meghan's effortless charm shone through with an elegant updo. However, keen-eyed royal enthusiasts quickly noticed the significant omission of her $200,000 diamond engagement ring from her finger.

Normally worn above her gold wedding band and diamond eternity ring, the absence of the engagement ring ignited speculation among royal observers,

with social media abuzz with discussions. The intriguing change in Meghan's jewelry sparked theories, including resizing or temporary removal. 

This occurrence is not unprecedented for Meghan, who previously removed her rings during her first pregnancy with Prince Archie,

revealing later that the set underwent an opulent upgrade. The missing engagement ring has sparked speculation as friends joined Meghan for her birthday celebration.