Lady Gaga in a Private Oscars Execution Committed to Tony Scott.

Lady Gaga showed up on the Foundation Grants stage Sunday night to convey an unexpected exhibition of "Hold My Hand," the Oscar-designated tune from "Top Firearm

Free thinker" — and the main thing more frightening than that it occurred by any means, after prior disavowals, was exactly how

stripped-down, yet immensely powerful, her perusing of the melody was.
Gaga had initially been supposed to skirt the show because of the shooting requests of the spin-off "Joker:

Folie à Deux," be that as it may, in a rapid shift in direction, the star was affirmed to perform by Assortment sources early Sunday morning

Befitting the somewhat late nature of the exhibition, Crazy was more dressed-down than she's at any point been in a TV execution

belting out her number in a Shirt, torn pants and with minimal clear in the method of hair or cosmetics glitz — after prior appearing on honorary pathway with all of that.