Debut Delight: Gwen Stefani's Son Takes the Stage with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston Rossdale, recently had a memorable on-stage singing debut.

The 17-year-old joined a performance by Blake Shelton at his bar Ole Red in Oklahoma.

Shelton himself invited Kingston to showcase his original music to the audience.

In a fan video that went viral, Shelton introduced Kingston with excitement and praised his talent.

Rossdale confidently engaged with the crowd, performing rock tunes and encouraging their cheers.

He wrapped up his set with a heartfelt goodbye and a hug for Shelton. Later, Gwen Stefani joined Shelton on stage to

sing "Don't Speak," a hit song from her band No Doubt. The family's musical connection delighted the audience.

Blake Shelton, a stepfather to Stefani's younger sons, expressed his joy about being a stepdad and emphasized the rewarding responsibility of being there for his stepchildren.

While Kingston's musical journey has just begun, it's evident he wishes to follow in his mother's footsteps in the music industry.

Fans can look forward to witnessing his growth and potential debut in the coming years. Stay tuned for updates on his musical journey!